Early in 2021, in the third lockdown, I couldn´t go to the studio and was in charge of our three young children over two months. To stay connected to my practice in some way I participated in #the100dayproject for the first time between January 31st and May 10th. In this initial project I explored space and mark on a daily basis in a dedicated sketchbook. If you like to have a look, click here to hop over to my instagram and the highlight #100daysofspaceandmark.

During the project new questions arose and I decided to continue investigating after it ended but with a new focus for the next 100 days. This time I decided to take it slower because the summer holidays would start only a few weeks later and the project was more ambitious. It’s still a 100-day-project but spread over a year.

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STUDIO NOTE 02: Doing #the100dayproject

Launching a new website is exciting and the perfect moment to reconsider things related to this space.
Here are the topics I plan to talk about in my next studio notes. Let me know what you´re curious about!

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STUDIO NOTE 01: Welcome to my virtual artist studio