Winter Bloom in Summer

This collection is the result of a year-long search for beauty and energy through connecting with the nature in my immediate surroundings. It started at the beginning of the first lockdown in March 2020 when I was still able to spend time at the studio and the flora outside was just awakening after winter. The Magnolia with its intertwined branches and generous, optimistic buds all looking up to the sky kept me focussed on the ever-repeating pattern of the seasons´passing.

Over the following months I kept working on them while transitioning to Magnolia leave studies and Echinacea as the blossom was over and the branches covered by the lush green leaves. I´ll tell more about that chapter of the story later this year. Only at the beginning of 2021, when those leaves had fallen to the ground and revealed the intricate pattern of the Magnolia´s structure once again, was I able to resume my work on this group of work and bring it to fruition in this late spring during another exuberant bloom.