Early this year, in the third lockdown, I wasn´t able to drive to the studio and was in charge of our three young children over two months. To stay connected to my practice in some way I participated in #the100dayproject between Januar 31st and May 10th. In this initial project I explored space and mark on a daily basis in a dedicated sketchbook. If you like to have a look hop over to my instagram and look for the highlight “#100days of …”
During the project new questions arose and I decided to continue investigating but with a new focus for the next 100 days. This time I decided to take it slower because the summer holidays would start only a few weeks later and the project was more ambitious. It´ll still be a 100-day-project but not 100 consecutive days.

In #100daysofborrowedcolour” I explore the colour palettes of artists I admire through 2-3 of their artworks. I started with artists of the past while I reached out to contemporary painters to ask for their permission to use some of their work shared on instagram to extract the colour palette digitally and on paper and study them in form of small abstract landscapes.

Please read the description carefully before purchasing as pieces are offered in different formats (e.g. most paper pieces come matted etc.) Feel free to reach out with any questions.