Frequently asked questions

You find the answers to the most common questions here. If you have another inquiry please email me at isabell [at] or click the button to send a message.


What medium do you work in?

I work mainly in water based media such as watercolour, gouache and acrylics with the occasional touch of colour pencils, acrylic markers and inks. You find further details alongside each piece.

What is the difference between paintings and illustrations?

For my paintings I usually choose the subject myself and paint plein air whenever possible. I do some rough sketches in my sketchbook and then start the painting directly on the canvas or board. Acrylic paintings typically come protected with an UV-varnish and a cold wax finish.

Illustrations are primarily commissioned work in which I give form to a subject of my client´s choice. They have emerged from decades of urban sketching and thus retain the character of a detailed line drawing. To preserve the liveliness of a space I usually do some thumbnail sketches to check compositional options in my sketchbook but then draw directly with permanent ink on heavy paper without any previous pencil sketch. I then apply watercolour and some finishing touches with opaque media. From time to time I do urban illustrations of my habitual surroundings or while traveling and you may find these offered in the illustrations section of the gallery.

Are your paintings framed?

Mostly not. That has to do with these three aspects:

  • My experience is that most clients prefer to choose a frame themselves that both suits the artwork and the space they want to hang the painting. This is a lot easier when done by a professional framer and in situ.
  • Frames can be very heavy and thus add significantly to the shipping costs of a painting. Besides I prefer to send large work on canvas unstretched in a tube which is the most secure and cost effective way of shipping bigger paintings internationally.
  • Frames are pretty delicate! If you find a note "only local pickup" - usually alongside an illustration on paper - it´s probably because the piece has been part of an exhibition and is framed under glass. Most couriers don´t allow shipping glass and many exclude original artwork in general from shippable wares.

However, most paintings on cradled wood or smaller canvases will come with painted or finished edges and picture wire already fixed. Check the painting´s description and get in touch if you have any questions. In theses cases framing is optional. They are ready to hang - you just need to decide where!

Can I purchase with a deposit 

You can! Although there is no standard procedure to pay in instalments on the website right now I offer this option for any work over 500€. If you decide to purchase you pay a deposit of 50% to secure your artwork. The remaining balance can be paid in full, or payable in 2 monthly payments of 25% each. As soon as the final payment is made, your work will be shipped to you. Please get in touch to discuss individual options.

This is not a credit scheme, but an arrangement on trust, at no extra cost to you. Usual shipping costs and return policy will apply.

What do I do if my favourite painting has just sold?

Especially smaller paintings can sell very quickly. Please join my mailing list to ensure that you get notice of new work before I offer it to the public.

If you see a painting you like on my social media you can always contact me and I´ll be happy to inform you about availability and the details of the painting.

How is my painting wrapped?

All paintings are wrapped with the upmost care to ensure delivery in perfect conditions. For further details please check the Purchasing & Shipping information.

studio wall with several acrylic landscape paintings in process


Do you accept commissions?

Due to the high workload I currently don´t take on any new commissions. As soon as this changes there will be a page with commission guidelines and I will let you know via my studio letter. Feel free to subscribe here.

Workshops & Open studios

Do you offer workshops?

Yes! I regularly teach watercolour masterclasses and in person workshops on different subjects mainly around urban sketching at Eco Escuela de Arte in Santiago de Compostela. If you are in the area check out their programme.

In the past I have also offered workshops by invitation of institutions or groups all over Spain and Portugal. These cover subjects like urban sketching, bookbinding and my favourite: plein air painting. If open to the public I´ll announce these to subscribers in my studio letter and here.

If you have a group of interested artists or if you are an institution and would like to offer a workshop, feel free to get in touch to discuss options.

Do you have open studios?

Sadly not (yet). They´re not a thing here in Spain at this point but I´m sure it´s only a matter of time. If it weren´t for the pandemic some of my artist friends from Ourense and I would have opened our studios to the public this summer.

But of course that does not mean visits are impossible. I understand that social media can only offer e a glimps into an artist´s studio life and show a small part of his or her work. If you like to see all my currently available paintings in person, I´m very happy to welcome you here. Just get in touch and we´ll find a day and time which suits us both. 

And if you´re curious about my painting process, I regularly participate in plein air speed painting contests in Galicia and north-western Spain. I won´t have much time to chat being very busy with painting the whole day but you´ll get a pretty good idea of how my paintings come to life. Drop me  a line and I´ll get to you with details a few days before the next event.

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[last updated: April 14th 2021]