some fun facts

  • I recently discovered that I like fluorescent colours
  • we have 3 little ones between 22 months and 6 years running through the house  - and sometimes the studio
  • I´m self taught
  • I met my husband Victor in Andalucía while canyoning. His unconditional support [logistics, photos, taking care of the little ones etc.] is invaluable

Essential Landscapes

Painting starts with travelling, real or imagined, the contrast between familiar places and the surprising new, sometimes only an unexpected point of view in an otherwise familiar scene. I marvel at all that grows - explore, recreate and cultivate that process. 

Being in nature readjusts me in the big picture, reinforcing in a both humbling and reassuring way the great contradiction of human life: a single person being totally insignificant to the world affairs and interestingly because of that might dare anything because so what?

While my other creative outlets have a more practical orientation art never needed that. It seems, at the same time, absolutely essential to us as humans and irrepressible in myself. Painting is my most intimate expression of self and as such reflects the yearning, the longing to make the bond between the outside world and my inner one tangible for the one willing to look. Less conventional colour choices stated in daring marks or sensitive brush strokes hint at the feel of a place, integrating it with its outer appearance often stripped to its basic form - place, always place.

I studied architecture but later switched to German and Spanish Philology and Pedagogy. In 2008 I graduated from Universität Hamburg with the 1. Staatsexamen   and in 2010 in Schleswig-Holstein with the 2. Staatsexamen summa cum laude. A few months later I moved to Spain and started teaching German at Universidade de Vigo the following year. About the same time I became involved in the Urban Sketching community, and began to organise sketcher meet-ups, teach workshops on watercolour and plein air painting and to participate in outdoor speed painting competitions. My urban illustrations have been part of editorial projects and fashion collections. Since our youngest was born in 2019 I´ve been working full time as a professional artist.

April 2021

  • solo shows

  • group shows

  • awards

  • teaching

12 | 2021     [conversas] - Espazo Bomoble - A Coruña/España

10 | 2021     Synthese - Mur Marxinal - Ourense/España

02 | 2018     Dream Island - Espacio de Arte Roberto Verino - Ourense/España

01 | 2018     Hansestadt Lübeck - Espacio de Arte Roberto Verino - Ourense/ España

10 | 2017     choiva - Museo Municipal de Ourense - Ourense/España

06 | 2017     tempo - Museo Municipal de Ourense - Ourense/España

12 | 2015     línea horizonte - Galería Sargadelos de Ferrol - Ferrol/España

11 | 2014     ourense 20x30 - Café cultural El Cercano - Ourense/España

06 | 2014     entre rúas - Fundación Vicente Risco - Allariz/España

01 | 2014     na rúa - Centro Cultural Marcos Valcárcel - Ourense/España

Or may I take you on my painting journey?

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