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studio note 01

Welcome to my virtual artist studio

Launching a new website is exciting. Much has changed since I had my first website designed about 8 years ago, especially that now there are so many helpful tools out there that we can all actually build our own web. I consider that my chance to make this the welcoming, inspiring, informative and lived-in space I envision.

Over on social media many stimulating conversations arise. Some are related to individual inquiries but most are recurring topics related to ...

  • The painting process and the materials I use for plein air and studio work
  • A sketchbook practise that feeds my art
  • Speed painting competitions [What is that anyway? / The set up for plein air painting]
  • Juggling art and family life having 3 very young kids

In the  next >> studio notes << I will talk about these topics in more depth and all what is going on here in my creative space located in the beautiful mountains near Ourense in the northwest of Spain.

If you´re curious about something else ...

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